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What Is Rainfall?


So you've come to this site in search of a solution to the question, "What is a rain fall?"

Well, let me tell you that you've come to the right place.

Just a friendly reminder that all terminology on this site refers to a Davis weather station.

After all of that, let us return to the topic of what is a rainfall.

So, what exactly is a rainfall?

Rainfall is the amount of rain that has fallen throughout a specific period of time.

For example, rainfall in a week or a month. Rainfall is determined by collecting rain water from several locations and times, as amounts vary across locations and times.

Rain gauges are used to measure the amount of rain that falls.

The Davis Rain Gauge features Smart Sensors and a revolutionary AeroCone design for better measuring accuracy in high-wind conditions.

This gauge is built from UV-stabilized ABS plastic and is plug-and-play compatible with all weather stations. This Aerodynamic AeroCone is a self-emptying tipping spoon that measures rainfall accurately.

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